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Massage Benefits and Guidelines

Helpful information for before, during and after your massage

Benefits of Massage Include:

*Stress Reduction, Improved Sleep, and Overall Sense of Well-Being

*Increased Circulation, Detoxification, and Strengthened Immune System

*Release of Tight Muscles, Adhesions, Scar Tissue, and Nerve Compression

*Reduced Pain, Prevention and Management of Repetitive Stress and Chronic Pain

*Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion


Safety Precautions:

Some medical conditions require that the massage be modified or adapted. You may be asked for a physician's approval in some instances such as a high risk pregnancy or if you have cancer or another serious illness. Massage in general is never suitable for:

*Fever, Colds, Flu, or Other Infectious disease

*Sunburn, Rashes, Poison Ivy, Cuts or Abrasion of the Skin

*Broken Bones, Recent Sprains, Acute Injury or Inflammation

*Uncontrolled Conditions: High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes or Asthma

Before Your Massage:

If you arrive before the previous session is finished, please have a seat, turn your cell phone off, and take a moment to quietly unwind before your massage therapist greets you. Your appointment will begin with a health and safety assessment as well as a brief consultation to determine your preferred massage style and pressure and your goals for the session. Your therapist adheres to a professional code of conduct, and your personal and health information will remain private. Clients under 18 must have a parent sign an intake form, and children under 16 must have a parent or legal guardian present during the entire massage.

During Your Massage:

Your scheduled appointment includes 5 - 10 minutes for a brief consultation as well as undressing and redressing - the rest of your appointment time is reserved for your massage and will not be cut short unless you have arrived later than scheduled. You will have a few minutes alone to undress to your level of comfort and cover yourself under a sheet and blanket on a warm massage table before your therapist knocks to reenter the room. You will always be properly draped for the massage - only the area being massaged will be uncovered. During the massage, remember to breathe deeply and relax. Some clients prefer a quiet session while others like to chat - it is up to you, and your therapist will follow your lead. Please don't hesitate to speak up if you experience any discomfort or would like a change in the massage pressure or style. It's your massage, and everyone is different. Your therapist will be happy to adjust for you.


After Your Massage:

When you are finished redressing and have joined your massage therapist in the reception room, you will be offered water and a chance to rebook your next appointment. Remember to drink plenty of water after a massage - it helps your body flush toxins and prevents any soreness that may occur after a deep massage. Between appointments, it is recommended that you practice a regular stretching and self-massage routine for long-lasting benefits. A monthly or twice monthly massage is ideal for health maintenance, although more frequent massage may be required for injury or chronic pain patterns. Mandala Massage Studio is committed to providing experienced massage at an affordable rate, and no membership is ever required. Your business is appreciated. 

A Special Note - Mask Friendly and Illness Prevention Policy:

Mandala Massage Studio no longer requires masks in most situations as advised by current guidelines, although we may ask or require that you wear a mask when appropriate (for example as a precaution for some minor but ambiguous symptoms, such as likely but undiagnosed minor allergy symptoms or a lingering cough when recovering from a no longer infectious cold, or when you have recently been in higher-risk environments or activities like travel or large indoor events. Your therapist will be happy to do the same and will absolutely wear a mask if asked for any reason at all. Your therapist follows current guidelines and has had vaccination boosters. Massage is never appropriate if you have a fever or are ill with any infectious illness such as cold or flu - please reschedule your appointment to help keep everyone healthy and to prevent the inconvenience of your massage therapist rescheduling your appointment after you have arrived. Thank you so much for your understanding and respect!

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